When to call for help?

First aid training

Bear in mind that as a first aider, what we are giving is only temporary care. Knowing when to seek emergency assistance is important. Knowing the difference between a minor injury or illness and a life threatening situation would help you decide whether it is necessary to call for emergency assistance.

When someone is in dire need of emergency care, it is advisable to call for the ambulance right away. Some people will tend to call the relatives, the hospital or a friend. This is a waste of time and should be done only when the ambulance or the emergency providers have been notified already.

The American College of Emergency Physicians have provided this data for guidance as to when to call the emergency medical services.

If the answer to the following conditions is YES... call the emergency medical services.

  • is the victims condition life threatening?
  • will the condition become worse and becomes life threatening on the way to the hospital?
  • are there special equipments needed or skills needed from the emergency medical technicians or paramedics to threat the condition?
  • would traffic or distance affect the delay of patient in arriving at the hospital?

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