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Before doing anything, the first aider must insure that the scene is safe. Remember that there could be hazards which could cause injury or harm to you and the victim as well. If the scene is unsafe, try to see if you can make the scene safe. If not, then call the emergency medical services. You can also move the victim to a safe area if assuming you can do so without injuring yourself.

Hazards could include, fire, possible explosion, drowning, cave in, entrapment and other life threatening situations that could kill you as you give your aid. So insure your safety first. Remember that dead heroes cannot save!

Never move any person unless it is necessary to prevent additional injury or death. Doing so without proper assessment may worsen his condition or add additional injuries and would probably cause paralysis most especially if the victim has an injured spine or may cause death if the victim has cervical spine injury.

Once you have assessed that the scene is safe, you may now assess the victim and if necessary call for EMS this actually stands for Emergency Medical Services. Most countries have a 3 digit number for EMS. It would be best to know in advance the EMS number to the country where you are in.

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