First Aid Training

First aid training

First aid is the immediate temporary care given to a victim of accident or sudden illness before the availability of a physician is acquired. It is important that a person must have first aid training.

Knowledge in first aid is of great advantage since this will help you save lives of others and perhaps even your own when an emergency occurs. This site is dedicated to teach people how to handle common emergencies and common medical problems. Hoping this will give the person the knowledge and confidence when the time comes.

This will also introduce you to common equipments that are usually used in giving first aid as well as guide you on how to used improvised materials that you can find in the scene to immediately apply to the victim. Without first aid training, the aid we give to a victim may add additional injuries and worst may even cause the death. It is for this reason that having first aid training is a must for every individual.

Feel free to browse the contents and learn the techniques and procedures on providing care!

The Importance of First Aid and First aid training

Help for oneself - by knowing the basics of care, a first aider will be aware of life threatening conditions such as heart attack, stroke and other medical emergencies and will be able to call for assistance right away. In other words, the first aider can forewarn himself and can do the necessary precautions as well as take the necessary steps to insure survival.

Help for others - For obvious reasons, with proper knowledge and first aid training, the first aider can definitely help and provide life threatening care to any victims.

Safety Awareness - First aid training also involves safety. In fact the first step in providing first aid is to insure safety not only to oneself but to the victim as well as bystanders. By knowing the common causes of emergency, the first aider can apply in his day to day activity simple and basic things to avoid accidents.

Disaster Preparation - disaster preparation is somewhat a big scope but first aid training can give the first aider the basic knowledge in preparing for disaster or calamities as well how to cope up in the event such incident occurs.

The first aider skills and what is learned in first aid training can often mean the difference between life and death, temporary or permanent disability, and rapid recovery and long hospitalization. Learning this skills and with proper knowledge in first aid can fill the gap and often provide the life saving care prior to the arrival of the Emergency Medical Services.

Most injuries and accident does not require lifesaving care. But most of the time, handling such situation require proper training that will give us confidence in handling such situations.

Many people have taken for granted the importance of learning first aid. It is important to know first aid and not need it rather than need first aid and not know it, as the saying goes.

The good thing about first aid is its applicability. There are people who have taken first aid training simply because they are forced by circumstances such as work and other detailed assignments. Bear in mind however that first aid can be applied anywhere since accidents and emergencies knows no boundary.

So may it be at work, at home or along the road , our knowledge in first aid will go a long long way. Who knows, the life you save may be your own!!!

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